Architects & Engineers

Westnet, Inc. frequently works with architects, engineers and consultants when building or remodeling a fire station. We have a design team staffed with engineers, designers, and the Systems Group who are ready to assist in anyway. Upon request, Westnet Inc. can provide:

* System design drawings and requirements
* Electrical and conduit drawings
* Detail sheets
* Detailed specifications
* As-built drawings

Energy Efficiency

All First-In® Fire Station Alerting System visual indicators utilize light emitting diodes (LED) for illumination. LED devices are low voltage and draw very little electricity, making these units extremely energy efficient. LEDs have a long lifetime, averaging 4 million alerts or 100,000 hours of lighting. The First-In Fire Station Alerting System has been engineered to achieve the highest levels of energy efficiency and Westnet, Inc. continues to work towards manufacturing power-friendly units.

Cable Plant

All First-In Smart Station Systems Include a First-In Cable Plant (CP), which is a pre-fabricated Ethernet LAN cabling system. The First-In Smart Station Units communicate with each other through the First-In Cable Plant. This allows for ease of installation, expandability, multiple configuration options and quick troubleshooting. Each low voltage cable system has been inspected and tested by Westnet. The First-In Cable Plant meets EIA/TIA 568-A Standards.