Satellight Controller

Satellight Controllers® are installed throughout the fire station, providing a visual and audible notification of the call. For each call, the Satellight Controller emits pre-announcement audio and activates a company-specific colored light indicator. For example, when an alert comes in for paramedics, the Satellight Controller pre-announces “Medic Response” and the blue light indicator activates, visually signaling a Medic Response. With a quick glance at the Satellight Controller colored light indicators, the crew knows immediately who is needed on the call. The necessary companies can begin responding instantly, reducing turnout time and ultimately reducing overall response time.

An additional lighting feature of Satellight Controllers is Knight Vision Lighting. Knight Vision Lighting reduces the optical stress that can occur during night alarms. Traditionally, firefighters were awakened with harsh, white lights when a night alarm sounded. With First-In, Knight Vision Lighting provides a low intensity red glow, which gradually becomes brighter during the alarm sequence. Rather than waiting for their eyes to adjust to the white lights or risk injury from an inability to see clearly, Knight Vision Lighting allows sleepy firefighters to safely maneuver through the station while preserving their night vision. This safety feature of Smart Station is used in dormitories, hallways, egress areas and apparatus bays.

Satellight Controllers are mounted overhead in acoustical or hard ceilings, as well as apparatus bays.

With a quick glance at the satellight controler, the crew knows immediately who is needed on the call.

First-In® ZONING

First-In Smart Station Zoning is the concept of dividing areas of a fire station by company. Each company in the station is assigned a color associated with the rescue services it performs. For example, the truck company may be assigned the color yellow. When a truck company call comes in, Satellight Controllers emit the color yellow to indicate that the truck company is required on the call. The same is true for the remaining companies, such as the engine company with the color red, medics with the color blue, etc. Zoning is particularly helpful in stations with multiple companies.

Each company is assigned a specific color determined by the fire department.


  • Engine Company Red
  • Truck Company Yellow
  • Hazmat or Specialty Unit Green
  • Paramedics Blue
  • Battalion Chief White
  • All Units All Colors