Switches (Doorbell, Test, Emergency, Acknowledgment, Speaker)


The First-In Smart Station Alerting System includes a variety of Local Activation Units, including a Visitor Notification Doorbell, Alert System Test Switch, Emergency Alert Switch, Acknowledgement Switch and a Speaker Switch. When any one of the Local Activation Units is activated, all Smart Station Units send an audio notification that is heard throughout the station via the Satellights, Dorm Remotes and HPAs. Additionally, a visual notification can be displayed on Dorm Remotes, Messengers and Company Indicators. All messages can be customized to fire department specifications.

Visitor Notification Doorbell

If a visitor activates a doorbell, the announcement Attention personnel, there is a visitor at the front door is heard. In addition to the audio alert, a visual alert via the Satellights, Dorm Remotes, Messengers and Company Indicators occurs. If there are multiple doorbells, the system will announce and display at which door the visitor is located.

Alert System Test Switch

The Alert System Test Switch allows fire personnel to conduct a full station test of the alerting system. This is a test of the First-In Alerting System, this is only a test is heard throughout all Smart Station Units. Additionally, all Satellights, Dorm Remotes, Messengers and Company Indicators illuminate and visually display a system test message.  

Emergency Alert Switch

The Emergency Switch announcement   Attention personnel, there is an in-house emergency, all personnel report notifies the station crew of an in-station emergency. When the Emergency Switch is pressed, all Smart Station audio and visual indicators, e.g. Satellights, Dorm Remotes and HPAs are activated. The system can be programmed to automatically notify Dispatch of the incident. The Emergency Alert Switch is commonly located in watch offices, station lobbies and apparatus bays.

Acknowledgment Switch

The Acknowledgment Switch sends a signal back to Dispatch confirming that the alert was received and that the assigned crews are responding. The Acknowledgment Switch is commonly located in apparatus bays, where crews press it while on the way out of the fire station.

Speaker Switch

The First-In Speaker Switch is used to manually turn off the audio of a Satellight Controller and is commonly used in conference rooms, training rooms and administrative offices. The visual indicators on the Satellight Controllers continue to activate during an alert so that emergency personnel know who is going on the call when an alert is received. The Speaker Switch is also used to control outdoor speakers, which helps maintain good relations with neighbors adjacent to the fire station.