Installation & Service


The First-In Fire Station Alerting System can be installed in new, existing or remodeled fire stations.  All First-In Smart Station Alerting Systems include the First-In Cable Plant and mounting hardware. Westnet has a team of certified installation companies who provide turnkey installation, including on-site and end-user training.

Extended Warranties and Maintenance Options

Each Westnet product is backed by a one-year parts and labor warranty. On-site warranty and maintenance plans are also available. Westnet will tailor a Customer Care Plan to fit your department’s needs with packages ranging from advanced technical support to full on-site maintenance.


First-In Smart Station RAAM™ is a software suite that enables the customer to remotely administer the alerting system for all stations.  RAAM provides immediate access via Ethernet LAN to each station from a central location, such as the department’s communications facility or fire headquarters. This feature eliminates costly and time-consuming trips to the individual fire stations throughout the city or county for normal service calls.

Technical Support

Technical support is available from Westnet's C3 Center whereby, the Westnet Systems Group can directly access a station’s alerting system via a VPN connection. This customer service provides a collaborative effort between Westnet and Communications personnel in order to quickly resolve any issues on a 24 hour a day, 7 day per week basis.