ARFF Station Alerting Military & Civilian

Anytime an aviation emergency occurs, lack of immediate and accurate information increases the chance for loss of life. Where is the aircraft?  What is the emergency? How many souls are onboard? How many pounds of fuel are remaining? Answers to these questions become the critical incident information necessary to perform the quickest and safest rescue. Responding to the crash site quickly enables the ARFF crew to secure escape paths, evacuate the aircraft and extinguish burning debris as swiftly as possible. Time is paramount. The First-In Fire Station Alerting System is used in crash stations to provide Mass Notification, reduce response time and improve the flow of information during an aircraft emergency.







First-In® Crash Phone Module

When the air traffic controller picks up the crash phone to alert the ARFF station, the MCU and Crash Phone Module™ automatically answer the station crash phone. After answering the crash phone, the MCU and Crash Phone Module put a ringing tone throughout the station and patch the crash phone audio throughout the Smart Station Units. This allows all crew members to hear the dispatch information.

The Dynamic Audio Technology™ of the Satellight Controllers and HPAs produce optimal indoor and outdoor alerting audio in the high-noise conditions of ARFF stations. Jumbo Messengers display critical incident information. Examples of other systems integrated into the First-In ARFF Alerting System are Closed Circuit TV and Carbon Monoxide Detection Systems.