Master Control Unit

As soon as the dispatcher learns the nature of the call, he or she alerts the MCU in the station. For example, a pre-announcement of “Engine 3, Cardiac Arrest, Delta Response” designates a medical aid call. Conveying the assigned units, nature of the emergency and response level provides enough information to allow crews to instantly begin responding, thus reducing turnout and company response times. While crews prepare to leave the station, the dispatcher continues collecting additional information. The printout on the station printer provides call details (e.g., incident address, units on the call, call type and other incident information). Together, the pre-announcement and printer information provide all details necessary for the responding company to leave the station. This feature reduces the need for the dispatcher to further communicate with the fire station, which eliminates redundant dispatch information and clears the dispatch channel.

First-In does not use computer generated phonics. Rather, the voice you hear is an actual fire dispatcher who custom records your desired pre-announcements, making them pleasant, clear and understandable.